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Terms & Policy


Clients should show up 5-15 minutes before scheduled time. If for any reason you may be late, please call before hand. Your time starts at your scheduled appointment time and still ends at scheduled appointment time. For any reason you may be late your appointment time does get cut and you are still reliable to pay full price. For any reason the massage therapist is running, they are responsible for making up for that time and giving the client their full time.

No Show/Cancel:

Please call/text or Email 24hours before scheduled appointment. If for ANY reason you are unable to cancel or reschedule your appointment more then 24hrs your card that is placed on file to hold your appointment will be charged 50% the full value of your scheduled appointment. either your card on file will be charged or gift card will be charged. If paying with Groupon the FULL VALUE of groupon will be charged.


Strong Healings Massage does not guaranty any refunds, do to the fact that clients are not charged anything until they have been notified of price by their massage therapist.

Strong Healings Massage will not charge full price or at all to clients that have felt in danger at any time for any reason, if you were over charged, or if client chooses to cut treatment short.

Strong Healings Massage does not provide refunds 24hrs after treatment, or if it was your first massage with therapist, or if client received their full appointment time. DON’T KEEP SEEING A THERAPIST IF YOU DIDN’T LIKE THE MASSAGE THE FIRST TIME WITH THEM. As a massage therapist I have seen hands on that every massage therapist is different and have their own way of giving a massage/treatment. To one client they may love a therapist but to another client they may not like that same therapist. Which also means every clients needs and wants are different from their pressure to what they are looking to get out of the massage. Each client signs an intake form stating they will inform the therapist before or during their treatment if anything needs to be adjusted or if the client feels uncomfortable.

Dress Code:

Clients are welcome to come dress as pleased. While being massaged you may be undressed to what the client feels is comfortable. More areas exposed helps the therapist get to those areas that need worked on. Clients are under a sheet and blanket at all times and only area’s reviled are the once being worked on. Than recovered as soon as done being worked on. If at ANY time the client feels uncomfortable or to exposed, they are welcome and we hope that the client notifies therapist so the issue may be resolved immediately.

Massage Room:

Once in the massage room it becomes privet relaxing and most importantly professional atmosphere. Anything discussed or shared in the room will not be shared with anyone else.

Also while in the room at anytime the client has the right to end the massage, if client feel uncomfortable or don’t wish to continue. Client will also not be charged for any part of treatment, This also goes for the therapist, they may also leave the room at anytime if they may feel uncomfortable or threaten and the massage will be done. Payment may or may not still be required this in the therapist hands. 

Personal Information:

Information givin to Brittney either on intake form or told verbally, Is kept in notes that only Brittney has access to. Brittney may only share your information with a guarian or spouse. All questions that are asked on the intake form NEED to be answered to the best of your knowledge and to let Brittney know if anything has changed. Payment information is ONLY kept on file when signed up for a membership and you agree to allow Brittney to charge your card on the 1st of every month.

Brittney although is not required to give or tell you any of her personal information. 

Medical Policey:

If you have been diagnosed by a professional for any reason (injury, disease, cancer, pregnancy) you are required to let Brittney know. Brittney is not responsible for any harm that may come appon you during the massage. We do advise that you get an "OKAY" from your doctor to recieve a massage. Brittney does although have the right to turn a client away if feels that treatment may be to harmful for the client or herself.

Brittney is ONLY lisenced in Massage Therapy, she does not have the right or authority to diagnose anything of the client. She is allowed to give her opinion and how she feels. Massage Therapist can not diagnose but can adives you to speek with a professional.

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