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Deep Tissue involves applying firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layer of muscle and fascia (spider web like connective tissue surrounding the muscle). Never going deeper then a "hurt so good". Using elbows and/or knuckles to dig into knots in the body.


Using deep glides across the muscle body, from attachment point to attachment point. This is best for myfaica release, tight muscle, fluid circulation, releasing muscle pain, and helps with range of motion.



This is an add on to either Deep tissue or Therapeutic massage. Cryotherapy is ICE massage. Using a frozen ball to roll over specific areas chosen by the client to help with blood circulation, restore and heal muscle quicker, reduce inflammation, reduces headaches. The area is iced until numb for best effects.This treatment is not best if you have low blood pressure, or if sensitive to the cold.

Heat Therapy-$FREE

Using a hot pack to best relax the facia and muscle quicker. This is not a full body heat. This is used for one specific area that the client chooses to have the heat therapy done. Heat therapy can be added onto either Deep tissue or Therapeutic Massage. The area is first heated up to 10min, after the area is massaged.

60 Minute-$70
90 Minute- $90
120Minute- $110

Payment options:

*Must place a card on file to hold your appointment

*Payment done AFTER Massage.

*Debit/Credit Cards, Cash, HSA & Flash health cards

*3% fee when you use a card

* $25 cancelation fee when canceling after 24 hour mark

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