Your labels do not define you.

Updated: May 25

Your name tag does not define the type of person you are. What you think, who you are, how you feel. Now some of you may be thinking, well duh! it's just my name.

I am going to take this on a broad spectrum then just your name you were given at birth, but also about titles you or society has given you.

Your name does not define you. This is the name people call you, and when they hear it they assisted to you. In a good way or a bad way. If you went up to two different people and asked them what they think about so & so. You may get two different responses, "I know them they are such a jerk, and only care about themselves" and the next person may say " oh them, I love that person, they are so fun to be around" Two different people, two different opinions but about the same person. These opinions may be true to some but not to others and at the end of it all it still doesn't define who you are. Just the opinion someone has of you. A great example is celebrities. Kim Kardashian, Will Smith, Tom Brady, Miley Cyrus. All names of fames celebrities that we may know and have a personal opinion about them when we hear their name. But we don't really know them. No matte why you may think the way that you do or where you got your facts from. The person you think they are is only just an opinion.

Now your name tag goes further then the name you were given at birth. We tend to get caught up in society and the labels society has given us. We feel like we have to have these titles to fit into a category so people can make opinions about us before even talking with us.

( I love this cartoon by NakedPastor. It really describes how much people get so confused when someone doesn't have a label. He also has a great blog about labels as well) Link at the bottom.

These titles or categories these may be are your gender, your religion, relationship states, your rase, your sexuality. Now these are just a few of categories, but they still don't define the person you are. They sure as hell don't define if you are a good person or not.

Think of a time when you told someone your religion or sexuality and how that person instantly reacted (good or bad). For a world that wants to empower people to be different we also love to put labels on people to categories them. We are left feeling like we then need to stay in that category and fit in with those types of people. Scared to do something different or change.

People tend to think that sense I don't associate with any religion or church that I must hate them all and not believe in any God. Until I get to explain to them what I believe and that I love hearing about their own beliefs. I'm fascinated about it honestly. That why I decided to build a coaching business that infuriated people to have their own beliefs and faith.

Now we may not ever be able to change the opinions people get when they hear a small detail to the bigger picture of who we really are,

But you can control how those opinions of others effect who you are. You use these opinions to improve who you are, but never to change who you are. If you meet someone that is religious and you are not and they have negative view on those who are not religious, don't let it make you think that you are bad person or turn it around on them and think negative about them. Understand they may have this opinion for a reason that has NOTHING to do with you. Allow this time to be yourself, that you two have an opinion on religion and that is why you are not. There is nothing wrong with being religious, it's just not for you. This may change their opinion about you or it may not but should never change how you feel about you.

Stop allowing the opinion of your name tag change the amazing person that you are underneath. Be proud of your name tags because and who you are. No one knows you more then you do.

If you liked this blog and liked the cartoon the creator of the cartoon also has an amazing blog on the topic of Labels. check out link for more go "Naked pastor"


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