You are controlled by 3 things

Updated: Aug 17

No one else can control you, make you feel a certain way. You have all the control within yourself!

These 3 things are amazing and life changing. Once you understand the power of these three things. You will always have control over your own life.

Stop blaming the universe for the negative outcome. Always remember you have control.

Top 3 things you are controlled by

  1. Mental

  2. Emotional

  3. Spiritual

Mental is all about your thoughts, dreams, mindset. What goes on inside your head has more power than any words ever told to you. How you think about those words are what control you. For an example if someone told you that you weren't good enough, you may believe them. Whether it was from a close friend or at work. You may think to yourself that they must be right. You'll start think you’re not good enough. You may even start to think why you’re not good enough, why you should just give up, stop trying, you’re not worth it. You can even take it a different way; you could think their wrong. They don't know you like you do; they don't know what you’re capable of. You may think positive and not let someone else opinion make you think you’re not good enough. You may even think "well I'll show them, I am good enough, I am more than enough".

You see your thoughts are the start to all your control, don't give that control to someone else.

Emotion is controlled by your thoughts. They are not controlled by what happen or said to you. They are controlled by what it made you think when such things were said or done. For an example... when someone says you’re not good enough. If you think their right and go down that rabbit whole, it will control your outward Emotion on that opinion. You'll start to be sad, defeated, hurt and more. If you think their wrong or think how dare they say I'm not good enough. You may feel angry, disgusted, calm, happy. Your emotions then control your actions. How you feel is what controls what you do. If you are sad and believe this opinion you may do nothing, give up, stop trying, no change. If your angry, you may snap back then, tell them their wrong, tell them they’re not good enough. If your calm and don't believe them, you may let it roll off your back, walk away from the situation or you may even take the chance to prove their wrong. But it all starts from what you control your mind to think and feel.

Spiritual is a little different. Everyone e has a spirituality... yes if that is a religion, karma, higher power, wherever your beliefs lie this is Spiritual. Your beliefs control what you believe is your purpose. This has a lot of control of what you do and say, how you think of others, how you think of yourself and your goals for your life. Staying true to your beliefs should only bring joy and comfort to your life. It is completely normal to question your beliefs along the way. Your beliefs are a gut feeling that you have, telling you whether you are okay or not okay. This can also be noticed as fight or flight mode, an instinct, butterflies, these are all Spiritual control over our life.

You can't control everything or anyone around you. Something happens for a reason and somethings seem so unfair. But when you understand your own control and the power you have in your own hands with these three, you will have Pease, happiness, love, growth, strength, and so much more. In moments in your life good or bad think of these three and how they are affecting the moment.


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