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Stop using filters! I find filters so... hypocritical! In a world that promotes and encourage body positivity, we somehow can't break away to truly loving our own look. Some filters are fun and silly. Don't get me wrong I loved the once that changed your voice. unfortunately the most popular filters are the beauty correctors. They take away wrinkles, freckles, scares, and change your shape, your nose, eyes and so much more. Telling the world and mostly women, that this is what you should look like. That is beauty.

There is nothing wrong with using a filter every now and then to have fun. We all put on make-up or get things done to change the way we look. It starts to become bad when you belittle yourself or others for not looking a serine way. It becomes bad when you compare yourself to those on social media or your filter pictures. You have your own beauty that needs to be loved and appreciated.


In an article published by Cureus

Several plastic surgeons have shared their experiences whereby they encountered requests sounding similar to what a "filtered" Snapchat picture would look like, with one plastic surgeon even having a patient who actually produced a "filtered" image. There are several red flags to look out for in such patients, and proper management in those cases should include counseling and not plastic surgery.

Now plastic surgery has been around for many years now, for many different things. I personally do not agree with plastic surgery to change once operience just so they may look a different way. With so many risk factors to surgery, the side effects or even allergic reactions. I just really hope that when someone decides to do this to themselves, that it is 100% for themselves.

Nothing you do should ever be for the soul perspire of fitting in, standing out, or anyone besides yourself. Social media and the new trends will always be around to influences our thoughts and opinions about what we should like, wear, be, and do. Be careful with your choose as an inspiration and influencer.

Filters are a great way to hide what is really happening. Whether that is your face or a simple back ground. Be proud to showcase the true and real, no one does anymore and we forget how beautiful it really is.

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