I'm questioning my beliefs or religion

Updated: May 18

It is completley normal to question your belief, your faith, your lifestyle, and the influence around you.

Do you ever catch yourself saying this as to why you believe...

  1. That's what I was taught my whole life...

  2. It's what we believe...

  3. The profit said so...

  4. It's written in the bible...

These are signs you are not building your beliefs for yourself. These aren't wrong answers, but they state nothing as to why you chose to believe it. Huge difference!

Finding your faith, building your testimony however you look at it. You need to dig deep as to why you believe the way you do. It needs to fit your personality, your life goals, it needs to be a better version of yourself. You need to only listen to your inner thoughts, feelings and actions as to why you are or are not a part of church or religion.

Are you questioning your beliefs or the beliefs of someone else? Is how someone else is living their life and what they believe making you question your beliefs and life? Then you have lost sight of yourself. What do i mean by this? Well did your family member, a friend or your church leader tell you something that made you feel defensive about yourself and your beliefs? Don't jump down their throat that they are wrong, instead take a deep breath and think about what they said. Why did it bother you? Was it true? Was it an opinion or a fact? Really understand what a fact is to an opinion. Being in a religion you lose sight of the facts. Remember there are no facts to prove why a religion believes the way they do. They are all built from once opinion of what is to be true.

Now I am not saying to jump off the religion wagon and join atheism or scientology... Because these too are an opinion of what one person has come to be true to themselves. You need to understand first what you your soul, mind, and heart believe is true. Not based off others’ opinions, only your own.

Most the time people question their beliefs due to something someone said or did. But that is not always the case. You may have just started to notice you don't have as much happiness or comfort from your faith. For example, I was raised in the LDS faith. I struggled to truly understand if this faith was for me but the one thing that kept me striving to stay in was that they believed they are the only religion that has eternal family. I thought this was beautiful! I was sealed to my family in the LDS temple, and I was going to be with them forever, who wouldn’t want that? It wasn't tell my "step" grandpa passed away... to me he was NEVER step grandpa. This man was my grandpa. When he passed everyone said you'll be with him again in heaven. You are sealed together, and your family will be together... but I wasn't sealed to him. He married my grandma, but they didn't go through the temple because my grandma already did that with her first husband who had passed away. So, what was it? Was I going to see my grandpa again or did the temple sealing keep me from seeing him? After that I did some digging on what the LDS church believed. I asked my parents and other leaders. All of which had a different answer. To that I realized EVERYONE has their own beliefs no matter if they are in the same religion and this is how it should be. Your faith should bring you joy, happiness and strive to be the better version of yourself.

Don't leave a religion due to someone else’s beliefs on the faith and don't stay in a religion if it makes you question your true self either. Your faith is inside you; you have a gut feeling or spiritual moment that tells you what is right for you. So, if you are questioning your beliefs, religion church, or spirituality make sure your thoughts, emotions, and actions are the focus. No one else opinion should change that.

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