How you can achieve your goals

Starting a new goal is just like having a kid and raising it. You should treat your goals like your own child. You should be just as excited and scared to start a goal as you would to having a baby.

From the moment you told yourself you want to do somethings or have something happen is the moment you found out YOUR HAVING A BABY!!

Your excited, you can't wait, oh the amazing things that will happen once this "baby" comes!

But your also scared, nervous, is it going to go the way I plan, am I going to be a good parent, what do I do first, I don't even know where to start.

Maybe you have had a "kids" before. You've set a goal, planned it out, did everything you could, learned a lot and your still working on that goal you just want to start a new one. You want to have another baby!

See the similarities? Every kid is going to be different every goal is going to be different.

Now how to treat your goal like a baby?

  1. Doing your research:

You just told yourself you have a goal, your having a baby! You see it's future right in front of you, you picture how amazing it's going to turn out.

How are you going to get there?


Research your goal. Great thing about internet and books someone somewhere has written their own experience about the same goal you want. Where they started, how it went and how it ended up. I mean, there are thousands of "baby" books out there.

2. Make a list:

So you have read everything you could on how to fulfill your goal. How everyone else made there goal happen. Now you need to make a list of how you want to achieve this goal. What you are going to do first, how your going to do it, where your going to do it. Everything from how many diapers you'll need, what crib you want to use, when your going to have time to set everything up prepared, what your going to do once you start the goal and how your going to maintain the goal. Make a list of everything you want to happen, what your scared for, and why you want this goal.

3. Set up:

You have the list, you have the goal now you need to make action to setting up. You want to lose weight okay go get healthy food and gym membership, you want to read a book a month, go get a few new books, you want to learn to cook, go get a cook book and any cooking supplies you'll need. Your having a baby, well there are a lot of supplies and setting up for that.


4. Execute the plan:

This is the part of "having the baby" Luckly executing your goal won't be as painful as giving birth. It's more like the moment you bring the baby home. You have everything you need to start your as ready as you'll ever be now you got to put in the work. You may have some sleepless night, feel like it's just too hard, your life has been flipped upside down, your enjoy the moments and changes, getting use to the new routine.

5. Never giving up:


This is the last step but your not done after thing either. You can't give up, plans may change, it may not go the way you wanted, it may be much harder then planned. But you CAN NOT GIVE UP. You wouldn't give up on your child if it didn't start walking the first time you tried, you wouldn't give up on your child if they kept falling off their bike, didn't run fast, didn't read or talk as when the other kids did. No, and you won't give up when you don't lose the weight in time you wanted, you won't stop cooking cause the first two were gross, your not going to give up on yourself if you fail. Just like a child you work a little harder with them, learn different ways of doing things, or be just fine if they didn't end up wanting to be a pro swimmer. You change the plan, learn new was and you keep going. DO NOT GIVE UP!

Whatever your goal is, even if your goal is to raise a child. You will have times you want to give up, it's too hard, not what you planned and question if your good enough. Remember your not going to do it like everyone else, your not going to end up like the thousands of people you learned from. You are going to end up right where you belong, right where your hard work lead you. If you can be proud of the hard work you put into it, enjoy every step even the bad once you achieve a your goal.

Your goal, your path, your results.

Your goal is your baby!

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