Best products for at home care

As a Massage Therapist I HIGHLY recommend my clients to use some if not all these products DAILY! These will help ease muscle pain, prevent injury, and allow you to feel more relaxed at the end of the day.

In no specific order as to which product is best. I'll start with the Massage gun. It's the new best thing out there and every fitness person wants it! As they should. A massage gun is great to have near by. The different attachments help in different area's, different speed for more pressure, and can help with tight muscles, blood flow and muscles knots. One thing to know about using the massage gun is allow the gun to do the work, there is no need for you to also apply pressure. Also be careful around joints and boney area's this can be painful and lead to more damage. Use on the body of the muscle for your neck, arms, back and legs!

Ice packs are under rated for there self care they provide. No one wants to lay on an ice pack or take an ice bath and be cold. But the benefits of using ice after a work-out, physical activity, or end of your day to put under your legs is endless. It's just as good for you if not better then using heat to relax the area. Ice packs are truly best for any recovery. Helps prevent sore muscles, blood and fluid build up and headaches. To get the best results when using ice therapy is to wait tell the area is numb.

Heat packs are everyone go to relaxing pain relief. Heat packs though are great for pre activity, kinda like a warm up. If you wake up with a stiff back, after a long day sitting, or before you stretch. The thing with heat packs is people use them for much longer then they need to. Be careful you don't over use the heat for more then 20min. 10 min of heat is just fine and gets the job done.

Epsom salt is great for skin, joints, muscles and stress. The hard thing about them is finding a tube you'll fit in to use them. Epsom salt is for external use only NEVER eat the salt... this can be very dangerous when inhaled or eaten. Also don't use if you have a severe skin rash or infection. It may cause to flair up.

So there is a few different things in this all in one product. They all do amazing things. The foam roller is a great full body stretching and light massaging the muscles.



Massage balls are also a great tool to help work out any knots. Just place the ball on the knot and lay against the wall or on the floor. You can just lay there and breath or you can move around a little like being on a foam roller. Best to just stay still for better results.


A stretching band is great when your not flexible. You can hang it up and stretch or attach it to you feet to pull yourself into the stretch.

The best way to use these all together, is heat a area or take a hot epsom salt bath, use the massage gun, foam roller or massage ball and then use the ice pack or a cold shower.