Benefits of stretching & yoga

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We say it all the time... "I don't stretch enough". As a Massage Therapist I am huge on telling my clients to stretch, Especialy your next and shoulders. Most people hold all their stress and emotions in their shoulder & neck. There are many benefits of stretching every day & Yoga is a beautiful peaceful form a stretching.

Stretching helps with working out, physical activity and especialy people with less moble jobs such as desk job, truck driver & delivery driver.

Stretching helps pain and prevent injuries no matter what your doing on a daily. Yes, you should stretch before or after your work-out. But also if you have been sitting at a desk or driving all day. You need to take the time to stretch your full body so that your not in pain and tight when you want to do a physical activity.

Benefits of stretching daily:

  • Healthy Blood circulation

  • Reduses risk of injurie

  • Reduses Muscle pain & stiffness

  • Increases Flexiblity and range of motion

  • Decress in Anxiety and Depression

  • Improves posture

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