Benefits of stretching!


Why though? You hear it all the time that stretching helps, you need to stretch, different types of stretching.


But why? What are the benefits of stretching? Well, here are your TOP 10 benefits of stretching.

1. Improves flexibility when you stretch regularly.

2. Enhances physical activity by allowing the muscle to warm up and ready to be engaged.

3. Allows blood flow to and away from the muscle. Better circulation.

4. Reducing back and chest tension you allow your body to stand up straighter and allow better posture.

5. Helps heal and prevent muscle & joint pain

6. Deep breathes and slow movements helps calm the mind of stress.

7. Stretching allows your muscle to stay loss and able to extend.

8. Taking the time to stretch instead of doing quick fast stretches allows the mind to be present in the moment and clear of worries.

9. Releases tension in the neck to prevent headaches.

10. Prevents damage to joints, tendons, muscles, and nervous system.


There are different ways to stretch. You can take an hour to do yoga, a full body while holding each position for 10sec, you can stretch just specific areas that are bothering you, you can do foam rolling, massage balls, Massage gun and more. With each different type of stretching benefits different ways to your body. Mix up your stretch routine daily or weekly to allow the full benefits and truly help you.


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