Being an introvert is a beautiful thing

I am an introvert. It took me a long time to come to an understanding and being comfortable with this. Now I am happy and I live life the way I want. There is nothing wrong with that. Being an introvert does not me you just like to stay in...

Google meaning of introvert:

An introvert is a person with qualities of a personality type known as introversion, which means that they feel more comfortable focusing on their inner thoughts and ideas, rather than what's happening externally. They enjoy spending time with just one or two people, rather than large groups or crowds.

It just means you enjoy the company of few or no people. Before I realized why I thought the way I did. I thought I was a loser, I didn't have friends, I was boring. I didn't understand why I didn't like going to parties, meeting new people, allows being upbeat and ready for a new adventure. I loved being home, talking to one or two people, doing things by myself. I then turned it into that I hated people. That was it nothing else just the fact that I hated people and I hated fun... I ran with it for a while. It my way of feeling like a bad ass. At parties, the gym, work I stuck to my own thing. Had shirts and coffee mugs that said in some way that I hated people. Now this saying haunts me today. I can't shake the impression people now think I really do hate people. Now nothing has really changed about me, just how I think about myself. Which then made me change how I feel and act.

It really started wanting a change when I got tired of people telling me that I didn't want to do something because I hate people, that I didn't like someone because I never wanted to give them a chance cause I hate people. It really got out of hand and I didn't like who I was anymore. I no longer wanted to be bitch face Brittney. I knew deep down I loved smiling at people. So that is where I started.


I smiled at people if we caught eyes, if I knew them or not. I didn't want to be that person that when you catch eye you get the death glare. Most the time people don't mean to give you the death glare but it leaves a much better impress on someone if you smile. If they don't smile back that is fine, I am not smiling to get a smile back or a hello I'm smiling because I feel better about myself when I do. If I am talking to someone I am smiling. I automatically tells my brain I'm happy to be talking to this person and it tells the person that I am happy and listening to them while we talk.


Talking to people allowed me to egknoliage that I Love one on one talking. I love being about to get a real answer when you ask someone how they are. When you are a one on one you feel more comfortable being open an honest about your thoughts and feeling instead if it was a bigger group. less people to know and maybe judge you. I love seeing my family on one on ones, they truly get their full time and opportunity to answer a question or tell a story. I love having the pleasure of getting to know my family for who they really are. When I talk with friends I almost take advantage of this time to ask them questions that may be embarrassing or emotional. Because my friend group is small and being an introvert makes find close loyal friends is hard. I get to have more one on one moments with my friends. spouses off doing their thing so we have our time. Being able to be open and honest with my friend as well. Letting their raw emotions feel almost normal when I can relate or understand. I cherish these moments.


I also cherish the small things in the world. I don't like big parties and huge events. I don't like loud music (unless at a concert) If I'm no there to listen to the music I don't want the music to make it hard to talk with the person that I'm with. I love background music so it's not so quite, when I write, read, work out, clean, get ready, etc. I mostly like to relax. I love long drives to a new place I've never been, taking a hike to over look the city or see a water fall, I enjoy being on the lake with my spouse. These moments open my eyes to the beauty of the world and take my eyes off how others around me see the world.

I am an introvert! I enjoy going out and exploring the world and talking with people. I have learned to love this about myself and not feel like I need to change to be like anyone else. I am not everyones cup of tea. But I am not hear to feel like I fit in where I don't belong I am hear to find where I fit. If you need me I will be listening to a book with my husband on a windy road.

Take your journey to feel happy and comfortable in your body and who you surround yourself with.

  1. Think about different situations. being in public, alone time, one on one time, around your family, or group of friends. What goes through your mind when you are in that situation. What goes through your mind leading up to that situation.

  2. How do these thoughts effect your emotions? Does is scare you when you know its going to be a lot of people, big crowds, loud invierment Now there is also social anxiety which is different and a much bigger obstical to go though. Introvert you may just feel annoyed, bummed, upset that the situation will be loud and crowed. You may feel more exited, happy, all in when it's a situation that involves your close family and friends, in a peaceful relaxing place.

  3. Set yourself up for success. You know who you are and what makes you happy. Sometimes you have to go out of your comfort zone to try new things but if you know your not going to have fun at party with people you don't know. Don't feel bad for not going. For example: LAS VEGAS is the number one party city in America... My family planned a trip there and no joke I had to work so hard to even feel slightly comfortable. I clearly still wasn't because serval times strangers came up to me telling me jokes because it looked like I need to smile... Don't be fueled by everyone else way of having fun to change the way you know you will have fun.

Share a time in the comments when being an introvert was a beautiful thing for you! I would love to hear how everyone is enjoying their life, their way!

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