3 steps to have a "Perfect Body"

How do you truly change your mindset on how you think of yourself? Just looking in a mirror and telling yourself you have a beautiful smile, you have strong arms, you look amazing, is only 1 part to a whole life changing experience for yourself. If your not following through with it and taking action with these thoughts you will soon fall back into the negative mindset and self hate.

Step 1. Thoughts:

You need to start with your thoughts. Truly dig deep about how you feel about yourself.

Simply just wishing you looked better should not be a valid reason as to why you put yourself down so much. What does "better" "perfect" even mean? No, really think about why you don't like your body. DIG DEEP!

Stop putting the blame on others for how you feel about your body. All that is doing is giving everyone else the power to your happiness. If at anytime you put yourself down and the reason has to do with someone besides yourself. You are no longer in control of your body. So remove yourself from anything or anyone that has a negative impact on your body. Honestly, it's not their fault. Exit out of social media, stop comparing your body with someone else. YOU WILL NEVER LOOK LIKE THEM! That is not a bad thing, you should look different.

You need to self control over your thoughts and how they make you feel. Take back the power you have given to a person with a rude comment, that "model" on instagram, or your younger self. Body positivity is between you and you only.

You have told yourself maybe a 1000 times what you dont like about your body, what you wish would change, how much weight you wish to loss. Lets move past that and now start asking yourself "How would it feel to love my body?" "How would it feel to be a little strong?" "How would it feel to loss weight?" These thoughts will change your whole emotion toward how you think about your body.

Step 2. Emotions:

Having negative thoughts about your self image causes negative emotions. Feeling guilty, ashamed, sad, and even angry toward yourself and sometimes others. You never want to do anything when your emotions are running low and dry. Only putting in the work when your "happy" is gonna make it really easy to have an excuse to give up on yourself. Be prepared to not always be happy, your not always gonna enjoy the work. Your emotions have a strong control over what you do. "I'm tired", "what's the point", "no one even cares". Your emotions will give you so many reason why you shouldn't try or care. You have to be strong and push yourself even harder through these emotions to reach your goals.

Step 3. Action:

Your actions prove everything. Without action your "goals" are only dreams. No one can do it for you, at some point you have to put the research into massive action. You have the thoughts that you can do this, you have the emotions to be excited, now prove it to yourself that you want it. This doesn't only mean you gonna hit the gym and stop eating fast food. Action means your gonna stick with a plan, your gonna be proud of the plan whether or not it has instant results. Action is staying active in any small or big way possible EVERY DAY! Constant action changes your mind set of how you see your hard work, it starts to become a natural habit. It no longer feels forced. You chose to cook at home today, you went for a walk instead of watching tv, you tried a new fitness class and made a friend, trying a sport you always wanted to. Before you know it your training for your first marathon... I mean you never know until your actions prove to yourself other wise. You can't say you would never run a race if you never tried running...

There is no such thing as a "perfect body". No two people have the same body and look. So stop comparing yourself to the fitness model and start comparing yourself to the person you were yesterday. That is who you want to be better then. You don't have to talk about it or post it on instagram. This is your body, it is up to you what you do.

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