Trying to find yourself, your voice and who you are in this crazy world can be challenging with the influences of social media, religion, friends & family members. Strong Healings where I help you empower your true self using breathing exercises , self-reflection, affirmations, meditation and yoga poses.

I believe there are 2 things we all lack in taking the time for, stretching and self-reflection on our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. I believe once we have a strong relationship with these things that we may empower our true selves.

 I am not here to tell you what to think and do. There are enough influences around you that already do that. Allow yourself into a judgement free, safe space to become your true self. 

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My Story

Hi, my name is Brittney Stofferahn.

I am a certified yoga instructor; life coach and I believe in self-empowerment. Growing up I was surrounded by religion, fitness, and emotional trials. I love the person I have become and continue to grow into. To this day I still surround myself with spirituality, physical and mental fitness. I push myself to continue learning from others and love helping those that I can. I believe life is all about learning and growing, opening your eyes to new ideas and possibilities.

Growing up I had to work through many challenging moments and how they affected me personally. From spiritual growth, family death, and being true to myself even when I stood alone.

I have always loved fitness growing up doing sports and working-out. This love drove me to become a Massage Therapist right out of high school. I ran a full time Deep Tissue and therapeutic Massage practice. I started to notice my clients weren’t just coming in for muscle pain but emotional pain as well. I loved that my clients felt safe to talk to me about their trials & emotions. I loved that I was able to use my past experiences and opinions to help them and give them peace during their toughest times. I truly appreciated getting to know my clients on a deeper level, building amazing relationships with them that I hope to keep forever. Unfortunately, I knew Massage Therapy wasn’t something I could do the rest of my life. I took what I loved most about being a therapist and found what I wanted to do next. After going to yoga with an amazing spiritual instructor, I knew right then what I wanted to do next. Yoga was going to allow me to continue helping clients physically and mentally while also taking care of myself. 

I believe and love spirituality and the power of our thoughts and emotions. I love staying active and feeling strong. I believe that we should always be doing what is best for us and allows us to grow. Strong Healings isn’t about being like me or like anyone else. This is about you being true to yourself, standing strong for yourself, no matter how hard things get. It’s believing in yourself when the world wants to tear you down.


I don’t know everything, but we all need that someone with an unbiased opinion to be there for us. We are all just trying to figure out life, understand what’s best and wish there was a map or a fortune teller to show us the way. We have each other to help us and lean on along the way.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.